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You have talented arts, design, and media production students at your school, perhaps studying:

Theater, Art, Music, & Dance

Video Production

Audio Production

Fashion Design


And More

You know that, all too often, student talent goes unnoticed. Creative arts students have limited opportunities to utilize their skills to engage in practical work experience outside of the classroom. Through Artplus, your students can access meaningful projects posted by organizations and craft solutions to deliver results that fulfills the project requirements.  Additionally, posted projects can allow students to realize the potential of capstone projects beyond the classroom, or just simply fuel their own creative drives. Posted projects may be in the areas of, but are not limited to:


Environmental Concerns

Public Health

Equal Opportunity

Human Rights

Learn more about how students are provided with opportunities to further enhance their skills and experience the professional world of the arts, design, & production fields in an enriching way.

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  • Provide access to valuable forums and meaningful experiential learning opportunities
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  • Become part of a niche community
  • Promote the profile of your institution
  • Support the social impact work of local, national, and international organizations

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Once your school becomes a member of Artplus, your creative arts, design, and media production students will be able to have unlimited access to networking and collaborative opportunities, and benefit from by gaining exposure to potential employers.