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If your company or nonprofit organization would like to create social-awareness campaigns utilizing the resource of schools through the skills and talent of creative arts students, Artplus is the place to do that. Post project opportunities for those skilled in

Theater, Art, Music, & Dance

Video Production

Audio Production

Fashion Design


And More

As schools and students work on your projects, you can strengthen your own visibility as they share your organization’s work and campaign within their network. You can even gain a pipeline to future employees by working with schools to establish additional internship opportunities.

Social Impact

Although projects with a social impact is the core focus of Artplus, organizations are welcome to use Artplus to post any arts and media-based project that provides experiential learning opportunities for students. Companies can also take advantage of the resources that schools possess, including student talent, faculty research, case-studies, and so on.

For Corporate Organizations

For organizations in the private sector seeking to engage in cause-marketing or create social awareness campaigns, Artplus serves as a great resource and tool. It is common practice for today’s corporate companies to engage in social responsibility initiatives, however, with limited resources for these initiatives, capacity building is essential, this is where Artplus’ model of engaging schools and students can help.

For Nonprofit Organizations

For organizations in the public sector, limited staff and budget make it extremely difficult to accomplish social missions. Artplus is a solution for nonprofit agencies with limited resources that provides access to emerging talent through schools.

Artplus also provides exposure to causes and promotes social impact initiatives to the world. Mission-driven causes could be in the areas of:


Environmental Concerns

Public Health

Equal Opportunity

Human Rights

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When you post a project, schools and creative arts students from multiple disciplines can access your guidelines. Schools will work with their students to send you proposals or project samples, and you can use as many submissions as suits your needs. You are under no obligation to accept any submissions. See the FAQ page regarding general guidelines with respect to intellectual property and project ownership.


* Annual membership fee based on the needs of the organization.


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With Artplus, you can access creative arts talent through schools. By posting a project on our platform, you can receive project or proposal submissions from schools across the country. You can be assured that schools will work diligently with their students to provide quality deliverables.

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