Project Sponsors

Project Sponsors post project needs on the Sponsored Projects page detailing the project terms, restrictions, requirements, deadlines, and compensation, if any. Posted project descriptions should also include whether the company wants to receive:

  • Project proposals/concepts, or
  • Completed sample projects


Members may receive regular notification when a new project has been posted. However, members are encouraged to log into their account to ensure that they are aware of the most to date posted opportunities.

Schools & Students

Schools work with their students to identify how best to engage with posted project request by Project Sponsors, e.g:

  • Engage in projects as part of  “course credit” through an existing class or experiential learning program;
  • Engage through a “work for hire” model in which students work alongside a school advisor to complete sponsored projects based on the provided requirements; or
  • Students work with community engagement groups through their schools to volunteer their skills and services to complete projects in order to fulfill required community service hours.

Create Projects

Schools and students work collaboratively offline and on Artplus using the project management tools to assign and complete tasks. Once a project has been completed per the provided specifications/scope, the project advisor or student lead submits the project or proposal to companies through Artplus for consideration.

Project Sponsors Accept Project Submissions

Project submissions are accepted by the project sponsor and compensation is distributed to the school representative accordingly.