Frequently Asked Questions: General

No. Artplus is a registered Limited Liability Company (LLC) with a social mission. Our goal is to provide a premiere platform that facilitates collaboration among organizations, schools, and students to promote social impact initiatives through the arts.

Schools must be accredited and organizations must either be a registered company, nonprofit organizations, or foundation, e.g. LLC, 501(c) (3), S Corp, etc.

Membership fees are charged on an annual basis and range in cost depending on the member type. For example, schools are charged a fee based on whether the school is a private or state/community institution. Artplus is completely free for active students whose schools are members. Organizations in the public sector are charged a reduced membership fee compared to those in the private sector. 

Contact us at to learn more about our rates.

Membership does not expire, however, only active students may participate in ongoing projects. Alumni may still access the platform to collaborate and network with fellow creatives, access resources, engage in the discussion forums.

Social awareness campaigns typically have a goal of bringing attention to or addressing social inequalities or a cause. Some examples include public awareness campaigns (print or digital ads, videos, etc.) addressing human rights, concerns for the environment, health care, and other social justice matters.

An example of such a project is an info-graphic, animation, short-film, song, and so on that highlights the impact of cyber-bullying on young people. Projects may require a multi-disciplinary set of skills, such as a copywriter, graphic designer, voice-over talent, music producer, etc.

Yes, all projects are welcome as long as it aligns with our Terms of Use. However, the main objective of  Artplus is to facilitate the creation of projects with a social impact objective.

Project Sponsors must explicitly outline the payment terms within the project post. Project Sponsors then work with schools or students groups to facilitate remuneration. Compensation for any projects posted by Artplus will be paid by Artplus Group LLC via check to the school or project lead. Any and all financial transactions between a school, student group, and an organization is independent of Artplus and should be facilitated by the involved parties.

Yes. Artplus will work with individuals on a case by case basis and may post projects on behalf of individuals if it is determined that the project meets our requirements and adds value to the community. Please contact us at for additional information.

Students that serve as the project lead or school advisors can submit proposals or completed projects through the Artplus platform. All projects being submitted to a project sponsor by students are required to have a school representative in an advisory role to the project.

No. Please refer to our Terms of Use page. As a member on Artplus, Project Sponsors agree to engage in fair practices and not operate in a way that would violate any of the Artplus terms.

No. Users own the rights to user created content, but please read the Terms of Use to ensure that you understand how Artplus may use content that is posted on the Artplus platform.

Posted projects will remain active until the project poster deletes the project.

Frequently Asked Questions by Schools

Yes, schools or student groups may submit as many proposals or projects as they want. Schools determine how they want their students to engage on Artplus. 

For additional questions or concerns, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions by Students

Students submitting a proposal or completed project to a Project Sponsor must be part of a student group or class with a faculty advisor. Schools have specific guidelines regarding student engagement on Artplus and it is important that you are following your school’s protocol.

This depends on the project sponsor. For projects sponsored by Project Sponsors, School advisors or students may submit based on your school’s protocol for student engagement. However, any project that is student sponsored, (meaning that the project is an original project idea submitted by a student seeking to recruit and work with fellow student creatives do not need to involve school advisors. Students can work with each other directly to share information, files, etc. as it pertains to the project. As long as the students abide by the Terms of Use and have clearly outline their project collaboration expectations.

No. Projects that are selected by sponsoring organizations may or may not offer specific compensation or perks. This will be clearly stated in the project description.

Yes, you can post any project that you want so long as it does not violate the Terms of Use.

Yes, interdisciplinary and cross-school collaboration is strongly encouraged as this will help you develop and grow your network.

Not at this time, but students should contact their school’s resource center to identify potential grants, funding opportunities, or clinics to support student projects.

Project Sponsors  will post existing opportunities on the job page on Artplus. For all internship or work opportunities, please visit

Frequently Asked Questions by Project Sponsors

No. Your membership grants you access to post as many projects as you want.

No. Project Sponsors may select as many proposals or delivered projects as they want so long as the Project Sponsor explicitly states that they will select more than one proposal or project in the sponsored project post description. Project Sponsors may also choose to provide remuneration for as many projects as they are willing to accept.

Organizations may post internships, volunteer needs, or other opportunities (market research needs, e.g. surveys) directly on the Artplus community portal. Students will work with their school advisors to engage in these opportunities. Organizations may not contact students directly, unless it is to follow up to about a project submitted by a student project lead.

Schools have processes and policies regarding student involvement with third party groups through formal channels. These policies are intended to keep students safe, prevent liability issues, and serve as overall best practices that protects the interests of all of the involved parties.

You may request modifications and changes within reason from the original proposal scope or project request requirements. If both parties cannot come to an agreement, a notification letter should be sent to Artplus at outlining the nature of the grievance. Artplus will work with all involved parties to identify a solution. Per the Terms of Use, no further action will be taken after this step by Artplus.

Every case is different, however, schools and students may engage with nonprofit organizations that may lack the financial capacity to compensate for project deliverables as there is intrinsic value in helping students fulfill volunteer needs, community service hours, etc. For schools, it may align with their community impact initiatives and for students, it may help to fulfill requirements for scholarship programs or certain classes, etc.

For brands or corporate organizations, posted opportunities such as internships that may not have compensation still have an appeal for schools and students. The experiential learning that can be garnered from the provided experience is of great value to schools and students. Many students engage in unpaid internships, but unpaid work does limit the talent pool.

As for posted projects without financial compensation, the brand association, potential distribution channels offered by the Project Sponsor, and opportunity to gain exposure nationally or globally can be appealing to schools and students.

Absolutely. So long as there is no outstanding balances owed to any party or open grievances.

Frequently Asked Questions by Potential Partners

Yes! We would love to practice what we preach and engage with collaborators to share resources and identify areas of intersection. This includes various educational consortia, public figures, foundations, celebrities, etc. Shoot us an email at and let’s start the conversation.